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World’s First Dual-Touchscreen: Kyocera Echo

So, for my first legit post, I figured I might as well talk about an industry first. Yesterday, Sprint and Kyocera unveiled the world’s first dual touchscreen phone, the Echo. It runs Android 2.2 and features 2 3.5 inch touch screens, the same size as an iPhone’s screen. It can be used with just one screen, as you’re probably used to with candybar phones. The main screen then slides up to reveal the second screen. You can use it as one big screen for apps (giving you 4.7 inches of real estate), which is especially good for the apps that have been tweaked for it. For example, the Gmail app can have your message list on the bottom and the full email on the top. Also, it allows for a full screen keyboard.

You can also use the screens for simultaneous apps as well. One screen can be on the browser, then other can be emailing about the site. The top screen can also be tilted for a mini-laptop type of set up.

The Echo will launch sometime this spring and will go for $200 on contract. Check out the official video below to see it in action, complete with how the funky slider works and some obnoxious music!


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Welcome to Tech Made Relevant!

Welcome to my new project, Tech Made Relevant! Here, I’ll be posting a few times a day max, helping geeks and average consumers digest the tech news of the day, find out about cool apps and gadgets, and just maybe get a few obviously labeled editorials along the way. I encourage you all to check it out, send it to your friends, comment below, and email me any questions or suggestions at !

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