>Barnes & Noble Announces New Nook for $140

>Today, Barnes & Noble announced the successor to the eInk Nook. Though it will be keeping the same name, the new Nook is very different. Much like the Nook Color design, the new Nook features a single button and a full touchscreen, but not the LCD screen on the Color. The screen is 6″ and eInk, meaning it’s just black and white and no backlight. B&N is making some big promises with this little guy. They claim that it will have 80% less “flashing” (the black screen you see while flipping through pages) than the original Nook. The big one is the battery life, which B&N is promising to give your average user 2 full months of reading on a single charge, based on 30 minutes a day with WiFi off. That’s a huge improvement over any eReader. Also packed in there you’ll see some social stuff, a new optimized store, calendar, and Android 2.1, so expect some fun hacks soon. Preorders are starting now, and you can expect to get it in the mail and see it in stores (B&N, WalMart, BestBuy, and Staples) by around June 10th.

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