>Microsoft Unveils WP7 Mango, Adds App Integration, Twitter

>This morning, Microsoft took the lid off of the newest version of Windows Phone 7, code named Mango, for a brief preview. The promise was 500 features, and most of those are new APIs for developers, but users are going to see some very cool improvements. First off, we’re going to see some deep Twitter and GMail integration and the addition of contact groups, all welcome and needed additions, but pretty boring.

For fun stuff, they’re kinda bringing in multitasking. You’ll be able to pop out of a game, return a text or email, then pop back into where you left your game. All you do is hold the Back button and you get a very WebOS-like view of what apps you have and a preview of how that app looks right then. Along that thread, you’ll see more info on the Live Tiles on tue homescreen.

Speaking of WebOS, we’ll also see combined inboxes, so your conversations across multiple services in one place. So your Facebook Chat can be mixed in with your texts and IMs.

Internet Explorer 9 will be hitting Windows Phone as well. And Microsoft isn’t kidding when they say that it IS IE9, no difference from the desktop version on a software level. They showed a demo of it spanking Android, iOS, and a BlackBerry on an HTML5 test, but never mentioned Flash support. Also, the browser will be hooked into many apps. For example, Bing searching for Tom Hanks will link you to your IMDB app.

Mango also takes a few notes from Android. They have beefed up WP7’s speech-to-text and text-to-speech abilities, allowing you to hear a text someone sent you and verbally reply to text back, all within whatever app you are in at the time. They are adding in their own version of Google Goggles as well. Bing Vision will let you take a picture of something, have it scanned, and run a search on the results. Vision will also include barcode scanning.

All of this is very cool, but we won’t see any of it until this Fall. Microsoft did say that the upgrade will be free and available to all current devices. As soon as it hits (or leaks), we’ll post a review of it here!

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