>BlueStacks to Run Android Apps on your PC

>Running Android apps on a Windows PC is by no means a new thing, but it’s never been a great end result. Previously, the only ways to really do it was through virtualization, which was always extremely laggy and never gave you a good idea of how an app would actually work, or dual-booting your PC with Android. This didn’t make much sense because it couldn’t take advantage of a lot of your hardware, and you’d have to restart your computer if you needed anything back on the Windows side.

Enter BlueStacks. This little start up is promising to make Android on PCs a lot easier and a whole lot better. All you have to do is download the BlueStacks program for Windows (x86), and you’re done. Opening the program opens up a full screen view of your traditional Android homescreen, fully customizable like your phone or tablet. The only difference you’ll see between your mobile device and BlueStacks is a small Windows icon where the Phone icon normally is. This pops you right back to Windows, no rebooting required. Click on the BlueStacks icon again, and you’re right where you left off in Android. There is no official Android Market blessing, but Amazon’s Market comes preinstalled for all (or at least most) of your app needs. You can also pin Android apps to your Windows desktop to launch right into them.

BlueStacks hasn’t launched the program quite yet. They are looking for alpha testers and we have our application for it in. With Computex just a few weeks away, you can probably expect to hear from them very soon.

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