>Summer Cell Phone Buying Guide: T-Mobile

>How much longer you’ll actually still have T-Mobile may be a mystery, but nothing is stopping you from grabbing a new phone while AT&T tries to grab T-Mo. This is a tough one with all the Android love, but here’s today’s buying guide for T-Mobile!

Cream of the Crop: LG G2X

The LG G2x is possibly one of the best Android phones to date. The 4″ screen is really good quality, it rocks the dual-core Tegra II processor, 8GB of internal memory, and a microSD card slot. What really makes the G2X stand out is the camera. Your typical 1.3 megapixel cam sits in front for video conferencing, but the 8 megapixel cam in the back is capable of 1080p video recording. Definitely a great way to capture your awesome fun in the sun. And the battery life is excellent as well, so you won’t have to worry about missing a beat this summer. Plus, once it cools down, you can play back those memories with the HDMI out port. This guy will set you back $250, but is well worth the cash.

Runner Up: Samsung Galaxy S 4G

The Blast from the Past: Samsung Sidekick 4G

In the summer of 2002, a little company called Danger unleashed one of the first phones to truly be a popular device, and the first phone with a consolidated app store. For many years, the Sidekick reigned supreme, bringing Instant Messaging and web browsing on the go to the masses. Then the iPhone came out, there was some major data loss, and the Sidekick lost its steam. Flash forward a few years and the Sidekick 4G by Samsung is bringing it back. The Sidekick 4G is still the same style you’re used to, the screen slides up from the center of the phone to unveil the killer keyboard below. But nowit’s been infused with Android 2.2. Gone is the old carousel menu, it’s basic Android as we know and love. But the hardware will bring you back to much simpler times this summer. The Sidekick’s reincarnation will only cost you $100.

Runner Up (Mid Range Device): MyTouch Slide

The Best of WP7:  HTC  HD7

Let me clarify that title. I’m not saying this is the best Windows Phone on T-Mobile. I mean it’s the best Windows Phone currently on the market. It’s your usual Windows Phone specs: 1GHz processor, 16GB internal memory, Xbox Live,  and Zune integration. The screen is on the higher side of Windows Phones at 4.3″ and it has Dolby Digital speakers that give it quite a kick. Speaking of kick, it’s got a kickstand. Kickstands are just awesome and will make Netflix and other video awesome to watch. All this for $100 makes it a killer T-Mo phone.

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