>Verizon Unofficially Makes Tiered Data Plans Official


>Today, Droid-Life got an exclusive scoop on exactly what Verizon’s tiered data plans will be, a subject that has been spoken a lot about in whispers and unconfirmed rumors for some time now. The plans, as you see above, start at $30 for 2GB and go up from there. If you add on the tethering option you’ll pay an additional $20 and receive an extra 2GB of usage. All of the above pricing is for data only, so you still need to add on voice and text. There won’t be any difference in pricing for 3G or 4G phones. Overages will go for $10 per GB.

Later in the day, a memo from corporate Verizon was leaked, proving the leaked plans correct. The new plans will start on July 7th and customers who already have their unlimited plan will be grandfathered in, so you won’t lose it. That also means anyone who gets a smartphone before then will keep it for at least two years.

Quite frankly, these plans, if truly accurate, are ridiculous. When AT&T dropped their unlimited plans, there was a fair amount of outrage, but at least it cost the customers less and AT&T provided data that said most people didn’t need unlimited data. But Verizon is clearly just realizing the sheer speed of their network and is purely out to make more money. And as America’s most expensive carrier, to get more expensive for no benefit to the customer is reprehensible. The silver lining is that Verizon has made awful plan choices like this before and has reversed such decisions in the past. So cross your fingers that this pricing will be temporary.







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