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>HTC EVO 3D Unboxing


>We just got our hands on an the soon to be released HTC EVO 3D, and let us just say: HTC clearly listened to our editorial on boring boxes. This box is hot. The front is a pearl white monolith with a stylized letters spelling “EVO 3D” bumping out of the cardboard. That same bump out is featured next to it with the four encircled Android buttons (A house for Home, the four lines for Menu, a Back arrow, and the Search magnifying glass). One side of the box is yellow and has a tab to pull out the rest of the box from the pearly outside.


The inside is crazy bright, rocking the spectrum from yellow to blue in a random geometric pattern, a stark juxtaposition from the solid white outer section. The EVO 3D sits in a white frame with a “FOCUS on driving” ad protecting the screen. Under that is the instruction booklet, USB cable, and power adapter.




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>HTC EVO 3D Gets Official Price and Release Date

>After far too long of waiting, Sprint has finally finalized the details of its forthcoming flagship handset. The HTC EVO 3D will be hitting the sales floor on June 24th for the expected $200 price point. Preorders are still ongoing at Sprint stores, RadioShack, Target Mobile, and BestBuy.

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>RadioShack Thinks Nokia Astound Runs Android, Is Definitely Wrong

>Ah, The Shack. In recent years, it hasn’t been exactly known as the beacon of staying relevant in technology, and it’s stuff like this that highlights that point. This ad came from RadioShack’s most recent email ad. While always corny, they rarely ever contain blatantly incorrect information like this. For those who don’t know, Nokia has never produced an Android phone, and the Astound is no exception. This guy runs good old Symbian^3. Many might argue that Nokia should have been making Android phones, but this fail by RadioShack is a little presumptuous. But we’d like to thank The Shack for the chuckle it gave us this morning!

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>ASUS Makes Official the Padfone, Gives Us Little More Details

>As we told you yesterday, ASUS officially announced the Padfone. The fone will be a 4.3″ touchscreen, the Pad will have a 10.1″. For now. Basically, all of this is subject to change since there aren’t any working devices, just plastic mock ups. ASUS has said that it will be shooting for a holiday launch and that it won’t be running Honeycomb, so you’ll most likely be getting Ice Cream Sandwich. The fone will dock into the back through microUSB and microHDMI. The Pad is just a big screen with a microphone or two, a big speaker, and an extra battery. The fone part will still be doing all the processing. We’ll keep you posted as more details arrive!

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>How To Enable Netflix on (Almost) Any Android Device

>We’ve talked before about Netflix finally coming to Android, so when it did there was much rejoicing. That is until the fine print was read: Netflix Instant Stream is only enabled for select devices like the Droid Incredible, EVO, and Samsung Nexus S. Netflix is testing the app on other devices and updating the list of supported ones as much as they can, but with Android, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Or two ways.

The first is the easy one that doesn’t require you to root your device. First thing’s first, you’ll need to allow your device to install apps that come from outside the Market. To do this, go to your Settings screen, tap Applications, and check the Unknown Sources box.

Then, click here to download a slightly modified version of the official Netflix app. All that has been changed is Netflix’s device check. Your device won’t have to lie to Netflix about what model it is, this Netflix app doesn’t ask. The only downside to this method is you won’t get notified of updates to the app, so you might miss out on new features and bug fixes.

The second method requires you to root your phone. How you do this is up to you (check for instructions), but keep in mind that it does void any warranties you have, and it is possible to permanently screw up your device. Tech Made Relevant takes no responsibility for any issues.

Now that your phone is rooted and you’ve read that legal disclaimer, download ES File Explorer. There are other file explorers that will work, but make sure they have a built in text editor as well. You’ll need it later.

In ES File Explorer, go into the settings and check the box that allows you to access and edit the root files (Mount R/W). Exit the settings and go to /system. You should see a file named “build.prop”. Press and hold on it and select Copy. Paste it somewhere else for safe keeping and go back to the original under /system. Click on it and edit the following:

Find the line labeled “ro.product.model=” and change whatever is after the equal sign to either “HTC Vision” or “Nexus S” (without the quotes, but it doesn’t matter which one you use)

Now find the line labeled “ro.product.manufacturer=” and change whatever is after the equal sign to “HTC” or “samsung” (Again, no quotes, but if you used “HTC Vision” in the first step, use “HTC” here. Same for “Nexus S” and “samsung”).

Now save the file and restart your device. Open up the Netflix app and start streaming! If you still get the “Device not supported” message, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Now this still isn’t a fool-proof solution since all Android devices are different. We have personally tested this on a Nook Color and it works great. Let us know in the comments if you have successfully tried this on other unsupported devices or if you have any difficulty!

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>Summer Cell Phone Buying Guide: AT&T

>Ah Big Blue. Whether that means the ocean or AT&T, you may be getting a bit of both this summer. Check out today’s buying guide to help you figure out which phone you’re going to bring to you BBQs this summer!

The Beast of the Beach: Samsung Infuse 4G

Honestly, it’s not 4G. Don’t let the name fool you. But the Samsung Infuse is still one of AT&T’s best and there’s truly not much else like it on the market. It is currently the thinnest smartphone on the market at just .35 inches (the iPhone 4 is .37 inches) and it weighs only 4.9 ounces, which is pretty shocking considering what a beast it truly is. The Infuse rocks a massive 4.5″ Super AMOLED touchscreen, giving it killer battery life and making it really easy to see in the bright sunlight. You also get a 1.2GHz processor, 8 megapixel camera with one on the front for video calls. Inside you’ll find 13GB of internal memory plus the microSD card slot. It only comes with a 2GB card in the box, but it supports up to 32GB, giving you one of the biggest amounts of storage on any smartphone. It runs Android 2.2 and is the first AT&T Android phone to let you install apps not on the Android Market, like the Amazon App Store. It’ll set you back $200, but is definitely the most bang for your buck.

Runner Up: Motorola Atrix 4G

iCan’t NOT Mention It: Apple iPhone 4

Really, you had to have known this was coming.  Like I said in yesterday’s Verizon guide, it simply is the easiest smartphone to use and it truly does have the highest number of quality apps. The Retina Display is downright gorgeous and works well in sunlight, and the camera is still the best you’ll find on any smartphone, so you can be sure your summer memories are captured properly. As far as gaming goes, only Windows Phone can match it in quality, but the iPhone just has a massive gaming library. Definitely the best if you just want a phone with a really good out-of-the-box experience. That said, while the 3Gs for $50 can seem tempting, don’t do it. The next iPhone won’t be until until September at the earliest, meaning that come September or so, your 3Gs will be completely outdated. The iPhone 4 will set you back $200 for 16GB, 32GB for $300.

Low Budget, Highly Different: Samsung Focus

If Android and iPhone isn’t your bag, you’ll dig Windows Phone 7. It features a fair amount of customization like Android, but is still a lot more controlled like iOS. Windows Phone 7 is really known for it’s radically different interface and deep integration of various services. the Zune Pass gives you unlimited music access for $15 a month, you can play some XBOX Live on your phone and rack up more achievements, and of course you get the full Office Suite. But it integrates with itself even further. For example, my Samsung Focus has music stored on it, streams podcasts through a separate app, and streams music through the Rdio app. But all of these show up in the Zune app as well. The Samsung Focus isn’t AT&T’s most expensive WP7 phone, but it is their best. For only $50, you get a beautiful 4″ AMOLED touchscreen, a 1GHz processor, and just under 7GB of internal memory. The 5 megapixel camera in it is one of the only phones to rival the iPhone 4’s camera, and the speaker on the back is almost too loud. Definitely a great price for a really good phone.

Runner Up: BlackBerry Torch

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>Summer Cell Phone Buying Guide: Verizon

>Yesterday, we covered the hottest phones on Sprint this summer, so let’s continue this CDMA trend! Here’s the ones to check out on Verizon!


Blazing Speeds in the Blazing Heat: Samsung Droid Charge
Even though it doesn’t get as much marketing love as the HTC Thunderbolt, the Samsung Droid Charge is Verizon’s best LTE equipped phone for sure. Featuring a 4.3” Super AMOLED screen, Android 2.2, 1GHz processor, an 8 megapixel camera on the back (with HDMI out for video), and a front facing camera for video conferencing. You also get some really good battery life due to a sizeable battery and Super AMOLED being easier on charge. $299 can seem steep, but it’s a great phone, has LTE, and comes with a 32GB microSD card.

Runner Up: HTC Thunderbolt


No 4G? No Worries: Motorola Droid X2
This looks just like the Droid X. In fact, there’s not really any visual difference beyond the red “Droid X2” moniker on the back. But this is a whole new beast inside. The 4.3” screen is qHD, making it among the highest pixel density screens, other than the iPhone 4. The Tegra 2 processor is also state of the art, giving you all the dual-core action you can handle. All for $200.

Runner Up: HTC Droid Incredible II


iDon’t Want Android: Apple iPhone 4
For you Apple heads, of course there’s long-awaited iPhone 4. The Retina Display is the sexiest screen on the market and at 3.5” it’s perfect if you don’t want a big phone. The selection of apps is unparalleled at the moment, and it gets excellent battery life. If you’re looking for something super simple and easy to use but don’t want to sacrifice any functionality, you’ll love the iPhone. The 16GB model will set you back $200, $300 for 32GB.

Runner Up: HTC Trophy

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