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>A Confession and an Announcement


Today, I am announcing a big change to Tech Made Relevant. But first, I’m going to bare my soul a little bit.

Technology has always been a great hobby for me. Playing with the latest gadgets and having those “Holy crap this is the future!” moments have gotten me really excited.

But a hobby is just a hobby. Things like model car construction and toe jam collections and such as are fun, but they wont get you places. You have to have passion. So my confession is this:

My passion is fashion.

The announcement is that I’m taking my talents to the fast paced fashion world. Tech Made Relevant will go the way of the caterpillar, after a short stasis, it emerges as a beautiful butterfly. Tech Made Relevant is now Tiaras Made Relevant.

We’ll now be covering everything chic, talking up fashions major players, and dishing on its biggest losers.

From concealer to corsets, from red carpet to Ralph Lauren, from New York to New Delhi, you’ll find it all here.

Expect a site redesign (inspired by Coach!) and even the Paul Mitchell Pretty Podcast!



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